Grönklittsgruppens sustainability work

Grönklittsgruppen lives with the issue of sustainability all the time, from an economic, social and ecological perspective. Sustainability issues are important to us and we work constantly and purposefully to make good environmental choices, improve and develop long-term solutions to reduce our direct and indirect environmental impact.

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Responsible procurement

Through procurement, Grönklittsgruppen is trying use the best possible products from a social and environmental perspective, through quality and eco-labels.

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The company has a collaboration with Pantamera, which means that the Company has a collection container at all facilities for collecting deposit bottles and jars. The money goes to Barncancerfonden.

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Climate change in the ski industry

The ski industry is in a transition phase, it becomes less dependent on the snowfall in the same to the extent as before. This is handled by to produce own snow with less resources (hours, electricity, water) than before. Technology is moving in fast pace and Grönklittsgruppen invests for to continue to be at the forefront.

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Renewable energy use

As a major consumer of energy, Grönklittsgruppen has undertaken a supplier of renewable energy, Svensk Naturenergi, which delivers 100 percent renewable wind power to each facility owned by Grönklittsgruppen


Conservation of endangered animals

Grönklittsgruppens first priority within Orsa
Rovdjurspark is the conservation of endangered species
species by participating in the European zoo cooperation for the predators that the Company has in the park. In addition, they collect and transfer resources to various conservation projects and organizations linked to endangered species